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If you are a student in Hong Kong about to find out your HKDSE results, have you thought about studying in the UK if you don’t quite get the results you need? If you get good DSE results but don’t get exactly what you need to go to university in Hong Kong, A levels in the UK may be an option for you.



  1. The UK A level system means that you only have to take 3 or 4 subjects. So you can study only subjects that you like, that you are good at and that are going to help you towards the career you want to take.
  2. Some Colleges will allow you to do you A levels in 1 year instead of the usual 2 years. Although this is a big challenge and it is difficult, it is not impossible and it can be done.  Even if you take two years, it could be worth it.
  3. One year A level means that you will finish A levels at the same age (18 years old) as students in the UK and progress to university at the same time as them.
  4. Getting good A level results could mean that you get into a high ranking university in the UK or elsewhere in the world that is better than the university you might have gone to in Hong Kong with your DSE results.
  5. If you still want to go to university in Hong Kong, you could apply the following year with you’re a levels as a non-JUPAS student.
  6. It will give you the opportunity to come and live in London or elsewhere in the UK.

Education agents in Hong Kong and the British Council can help you make a good choice.