A level results day can be the most nerve-wracking and most significant day of a young person’s life.  Without exception, A level students who have worked hard for two years to get their qualifications are in equal measure nervous, twitchy, terrified, excited and anxious. Rightly so.  A student’s A level results can shape his or her immediate and long-term futures.
There is almost always something riding on the letter, A*-E, printed alongside each A level subject they have studied over the course of their A level programme.  Usually the thing at stake is a place at university and all the opportunities that are associated with gaining entry into the institution of choice.
Results day therefore is a stressful day, unfortunately things can go wrong, mistakes can be made and problems can arise, all of which add to a the stress-levels.  So, if you are an A level student awaiting your results, about to find out where you will be studying and living for the next three or more years, you need to BE PREPARED FOR RESULTS DAY
Here are some things you can do to help results day go as smoothly as possible:
  1. Collect your results in person from your school or college
  2. If this it is not possible to collect your results in person, be contactable and in contact with your school or college as early as you can be.  If you are overseas, you might need to operate on UK time for a while to ensure you are ahead of the game.  Note that you may not be able to receive results by telephone.
  3. Be prepared and bring with you – your student ID, your passport, your UCAS ID and your UCAS track login details, a charged mobile phone and, if you have one, a device that can connect to the internet
  4. You may want to have your parents, family or friends around, you may not.  Remember that your results are YOUR results, if you choose to share them that is up to you, but if you’d rather be alone, there is nothing wrong with that.  You are (probably) an adult now – decide for yourself how you want to do this then call other for advice if you need it
  5. Arrive early and don’t make any plans for the rest of the day
What happens after I’ve got my results?
If you get what you need – congratulations! You have nothing further to do and you can celebrate!  Your university of choice will already have your results and your acceptance materials will be on their way to you.
If you don’t get what you need you have to remain calm, focus and don’t panic.  Firstly, make sure that there are no PROBLEMS WITH YOUR RESULTS.  If there are no problems with your results and you have only missed out on your offer very narrowly, you could consider contacting the universities you missed out on to see if they will still take you.  They might.  If they liked your application and they still have places on the course, you might get lucky, alternatively, they might offer you a place on another, related course which could be of interest.  For example, maybe you missed your offer for maths and that course is now full, but the university has places available for maths with statistics.
If you have explored this route or you missed out by a long way, you may want to enter clearing so be prepared for CLEARING by reading here  The golden rule of clearing is not to be rushed into a decision.  You probably spent weeks and months considering university options when you made your UCAS application, in clearing you may have only a few hours to decide whether or not to take up a place.  it is really important to remain calm, take advice and ensure you make an informed decision.
For clearing go to the UCAS website –

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